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Knowledgeable electricians ready to take care of your commercial electrical needs.

Commercial lighting, Fixture install, Fixture replacement, Bulb replacement, L.E.D., Fluorescent, Recessed lighting, Indoor & outdoor lighting Fixtures, 

Commercial Electrical Repair, Trace circuit, Label Circuits, Troubleshooting,

Commerical Remodels, Electrical Changes,

Maintaining Evaluating and Testing of your Electrical Systems 

Breaker replacement, Add breaker, Main breaker, Obsolete breaker, Obsolete main breaker, ARC AFCI  GFCI Combo specialty breaker, Fuses

Maintenance, Repair, Replacement, Upgrades, Sub-panels, Dead fronts, Labeling

New circuit, Dedicated circuit, sub-panel, Circuit tracing, circuit labeling, EV Charger

Electric Vehicle Charger Circuit Installation

Only a phone call away to light  up your day! 

Fast Service!
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